Thirteen people have been killed today in different locations after armed militia from the Afar Region crossed the border into the Somali Region. The killings took place in Siti zone along the border with Afar Region. 

The militia killed 12 people in Madane village which is located deep inside the Somali Region according to sources who talked to SRN. In reaction to these killings, residents in Biki, a neighboring village, staged protests. The Federal police in the area opened fire to the protesters and killed one person.

Earlier on yesterday the Ethiopian military disarmed residents in Danlahelay, a village on the border. They have also detained 12 people from the same village. Their whereabouts are not known yet. Some sources told SRN they have been transferred to Afar administration where they have been taken to Semera, the Regional capital.

Earlier, four aid workers in the area have been detained by the Afar police. The workers were employees of the aid agency Save the Children that operates in the area. The whereabouts of the aid workers are not known according to sources closely monitoring the matter.

Segments of the border between Somali and Afar regions are conflict hotspots. In 2014, the Federal government pushed Abdi iley, the former president of the Somali region, to transfer a number of Somali villages to the Afar region. The move outraged many Somalis who saw it as illegal. Sources say that the two administrations are in talks about returning those villages to the Somali region.

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