The surge of the social media rivalry between the Oromo intellectuals and Amhara about the ownership of the city of Addis Ababa is at the peak ever.

Today, the Amhara ruling party (ADP) has issued a statement signifying the assertions of the Amhara prominent Activists, intellectuals and even politicians that Addis Ababa is the capital city of Ethiopia and the headquarter of African Union, and no single ethnicity has the right to claim its ownership.

The ADP statement followed after the PM Abiy Ahmed has appointed a new mayor for the town from his own Oromo ethnicity.

The prominent Oromo activists, intellectuals, politicians and some members of the ODP have described that Addis Ababa had been the political and religious centre of the Oromo people before they were driven out by force.

They believe some group of people are conspiring day in and day out and injecting a huge amount of money to create distrust and ethnic conflict so that they continue the empire mentality to enslave the local people, displace them and forcibly grasp their habitual areas.

The Oromo political parties expressed support to the existing language-based federal system and vowed to defend it. These sentiments are shared by most of the existing regional states including the TPLF.

On the contrary, others believe, Addis Ababa city has been and will remain the cosmopolitan capital city of Ethiopia where almost all members of over 80 ethnic groups of the country live together since its establishment 127 years ago.

All these wars of words and distrust are coming at a time the nation is preparing it selves for the upcoming census and 2020 elections.

Any significant change in the status quo regarding Addis Ababa will be a source of major contention or even conflict between the Oromo on the one hand and the Amhara on the other.