For beginners, Carte Blanche is a political blank cheque you have been handed to you by your competitors/allies loaded with un-fettered power shopping coupons. It is a very rare opportunity in the political world and only a few in the history utilized to their advantage.

Below are why Mustafa emerged victorious after a head-on collision with a political monster, a seasoned politician, given Ahmed Shide’s stature and the power he yields in the high tables of PM Abiy’s Office.

– The Somali adage says ”mudul ninki dhisaa ka weyn” loosely translated as ”the hut is much inferior to its builder/owner’

– For Mustafe to go toe to toe with his supposedly political god father Ahmed Shide, was a nerve consuming experience that took toll on his body but seemingly fit spiritually, buoyed by the overwhelming support he received from the public. A rare solidarity shown by the people of the Somali region.

 – Ahmed Shide is a political heavyweight, an elite member of the ruling party, a rising star within the circle of Abiy Ahmed.

– prior to the new development in the Somali region, an event that has dented a large hole in his political ambitions. His political vehicle seems punctured, his reputation damaged as Mustafa’s government successfully managed to rally him against the public not only in the Somali region but the entire country, in a series of expose painting him as anti-reformist. This is not a mean feat given Ahmed Shide’s stature and the power he yields in the high tables of PM Abiy’s Office.

– Abiy’s worst nightmare is realized when his errand boys failed to do the dirty work forcing him to intervene, the fact that ONLY the PM can break the deadlock and not a middle leveled bureaucracy seated somewhere in the intelligence department or a General stationed in Harar shows the political score registered by Mustafa. This gives Mustafa the opportunity to remove all middlemen including Ahmed Shide and deal with the prime minister himself head-on.

– Lastly; to political riff-raffs who are comfortably yapping from their bedrooms in faraway lands, the battle is not for the faint-hearted, Mustafa’s nemesis will continue to plan his downfalls, but it’s up to him to turn every bitter & poisonous political water into pleasant sweet milk.

Abdalla Ahmed Hashi