One common behavior of endangered ruling classes is to attach “immutability” (unable to be changed) to whatever is the basis of its privilege. If it is acquired hereditarily, it embraces social hierarchy as a socially immutable reality. If it is militarily acquired, it peddles congenital bravery and military invincibility as given reality.

Revolutionary democracy, democratic centralism, and military-capitalism are the “immutable” political and “constitutional” realities that TPLF’s old guard are desperately trying to preserve every time they talk of “Mesmer” (line), amalakakat (ideology), and mas’wait (sacrifice).

But what they are missing is that, it was difficult to preserve feudalism and its landed aristocracy in the face of a socially equalizing capitalism and urbanization. The social and economic conditions were simply not there for the survival of feudalism once schools, factories, and semi-professional army came to being. “Land to the tiller” was the question of the day that doomed HaileSellasie. Pious pomposity, pageantry and claims of royal ancestry did not the save the emperor once the question of the time arrived.

Likewise, Mengistu’s military dictatorship, which denied the existence of the ethinc question under the false sloganeering that the source of every problem in Ethiopia was imperialism, unraveled once Eritreans, Tigrayans, Oromos, Somalis and other nationalities started to seek emancipation. “Socialism” and feigning that there is no ethnic question did not save Mengistu once the ethnic nationalists started to return his fire with fire!

Never learning from history, the TPLF dreams of reversing the collapse of its quasi-military repressive monoethnocracy at an era where human rights have become the unifying vision of all Ethiopian citizens.

Like its predecessors, it is swimming against the current. Seyoum Mesfin, Dr. Debretsion, Sibhat Nega all keep talking about “line”, “constitution”, EPRDF – all their estwhile tools of control – oblivious to the sea change in the national political pysche.

“Theft is nothing. What worries me is that we are ideologically castrated” Ato Seyoum said in Makelle few months ago! We could not have put it better! The TPLF is now a eunuch, ideologically; whether it knows or not!