By: Hussein Mohamed Yusuf

Facebook Warlords is on the rise in the Somali Regional State for the simple reason that so many pseudo Politicians and Diaspora dropouts are fighting for personal and clan interests which have already created confusion among the peace and development loving majority of the Somali regional State citizens.

If we all take back our memory lane on the old days when Warlords were at the helm in Somalia, That is when Warlords came to be known to all Somalis in the horn.

The disintegration of the Somali republic into regions and self-proclaimed states has passed through different stages.  I remember in the 1990s, Warlords had the headlines of any story raised by the World media as they dominated the stages of those years in which millions were displaced and thousands were killed by greedy leadership of the warlords. They divided and demeaned Somalia in such a way that Somalia is synonymous with a failed state in the English dictionary to date.

The Warlords in the 1990s were purely male dominated and to my knowledge, there was no even a single female warlord that has participated in the first generation of warlords. One very reason, that I believe, has not brought a female warlord into fame among Somalis is for the reason that Somalis are a patriarchal society where male dominates and that it was very difficult for a female warlord to lead men dominated society.

The aforementioned reason has never created a favorable female warlord to take the lead in the war against the enemy of whoever opposed the clan-based interests which were the major cause those warlords fought for.

The second generation of  warlords that are today in thousands if not in millions are not only purely male but also female warlords take their share for they have got a favorable environment for establishing their own battlefields where they can take the fortress to fight against other warlords who are dispersed in different parts of the world.

Contrary, the present-day warlords do not fight a face to face war with guns and bullets but from their own homes.  The guns are not AK47 and other many types of guns that the 1990s warlords used to battle but simply a mobile Smartphone, a laptop or a desktop computer (for cowards) and the abundant wireless networks in every cafeteria and space. The fight has no timing and the bombardment is in sequence and is nonstop.

I came to know that Facebook is the present day AK47 that is used by all or most of the warlords. The bullets are very cheap and the only precondition in place is that the warlord must have the knowhow of computer manipulation so that he/she can fire as many bullets as he/she can to his/her enemies without any movement from their locations.

There are websites and blogs that also play their part in the infighting amongst the present day warlords. The success of the battle is measured in *Likes* and defeat would have been measured in *dislikes* but this button is yet to be developed by Facebook for the interest of those who prefer to protest against the warlord.

I was prompted to write this piece for I frequently observe posts that are being constantly shared by many young Facebook warlords who are so crazy with tribalism and division of people for personal interests that never have a limit to stop.

Those young armchair warlords do not have any concern of how those mostly pastoral and agro-pastoral communities are suffering with the impact of climate change that has negatively affected the environment which is the only source of living for the pastoral and agro Pastoral Communities

Somali Regional State is currently recuperating from many years of oppression and indiscriminate arrests and looting that has kept the region to be a no go zone for many of the current Warlords.

Most of the leading Facebook Warlords were not able to set foot in the region a few months ago and instead of supporting or at least giving time for the change they have fought for (Facebook fighting), they have commenced another clan-based fighting in the Social media that has created tension and dissatisfaction among the Development thirsty Community in the Somali Region of Ethiopia

At last but not the least, it will be unwise if I do not mention the very few news portals and Facebook Users composed of very ethical and learned people who only nurture us scholarly and up to date analytical articles penned by the different Somali scholars.

It worth mentioning that there are many people whose Facebook pages carry wisdom and creative ideas that deserve readership and following.

Hussien is a Humanitarian Professional based in Somali Regional State and can be reached through