Somaliregionnews has obtained a letter signed by Oromia president HE Shimeles Abdissa requesting the Prime Minister to extend the tarmac road from Nagelle Borana to Dolo Ado district in Somali region. 

According to this letter, the first phase of the proposed road is likely to commence in 2012, Ethiopian calendar. A second major highway tarmac road connecting Gindir to Gode is to follow the Nagelle-Dolo Ado highway asphalt road as stated in the letter below.

According to reliable source within Somali Regional government, the road from Nagelle Borana to Dollo Ado is now extended up to Suftu, a commercial town located at the border of Kenya.

It appears the request from Oromia president is prompted by the mutual need for Oromia-Somali regions to tap into their economic potential through improving road infrastructure to accelerate economic and social integration. 

Extending a modern network of tarmac roads from Oromia to Somali region will strengthen peace and co-existence and stimulate economic growth.

In addition, a project of this scale is likely to create much needed jobs and increase the free movement of goods and services.

The Nagelle-Dolo Ado road is a strategic economic life-line linking directly Ethiopia to Mogadishu and Kismayo ports in Somalia as well as Kenya.

Though Ethiopia has invested heavily in infrastructure – contributing to the rapid economic growth Ethiopia has witnessed over the years – Somali region lags far behind in terms of asphalt roads coverage compared to other regions.

Yet, Somali region is the second largest region with huge oil and gas resources that can benefit the whole of Ethiopia. 

Successive Ethiopian governments marginalized the mainly pastoralist Somalis in the periphery and failed to invest or prioritize infrastructure development in the region. 

We hope the construction of these roads will be endorsed by the Prime Minster.

SR News