An ex-rebel group, in Ethiopia’s Somali Regional State (SRS), the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) has urged all citizens to rally behind the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed for his instrumentality in returning the once ill-governed state to peace.

The outfit castigated some people they described as “spoilers interested in derailing the peace and stability achieved in the past few months”.

The group, like other armed Ethiopian outfits, were until last year designated as terrorist organizations by Ethiopia and were mostly based in neighbouring Eritrea.

“ONLF recognises the real, credible and positive democratic change that is happening in Ethiopia,” wrote ONLF in their twitter page, adding that this change is attributed to the open minded PM of Ethiopia, Abiy.”

The group emphasised for the support of efforts being undertaken by the PM and federal government.

“SRS is currently the most peaceful area in the Horn of Africa region due to their determined efforts and that of the federal government in Addis Ababa,” reads the statement.

Following the peace deal reached between the two countries, all exiled rebel groups agreed to return to Ethiopia to pursue peaceful political struggle.