The ONLF claimed that senior members of the front has met with the Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed yesterday. Nonetheless, the Ethiopian media and the prime minister office did not disclose any information related to the said meeting which was published on ONLF website Ogadennet.

According to the statement, the ONLF delegation was led by ONLF chairman Admiral Mohamed Omar, and it’s the first high level delegation meeting between the ONLF and the Prime Minster of Ethiopia Abiy Ahmed.

ONLF spokesperson, Adan Hirmoge, speaking to the VOA explained the issues discussed with PM Abiy Ahmed and underlined that the two sides have raised the role of the Somali people in the Ethiopian politics, upcoming census, Ethiopia Commission Boundaries, and the Oil reserves and the share of the region, but has not mentioned any percentage and further details on the subject. It is noteworthy that last week, Ethiopia and Djibouti signed a long-standing pipeline for the region and Djibouti.

SR New learnt that President Mustafa Omar has already sent regional concern about the upcoming census to the concern federal institution but no one knows the outcomes so far.

The Ogaden rebels signed a peaceful agreement with the Ethiopia government in September 2018 and completely disarmed and reintegrated its military wings with the regional forces.

The statement said the meeting was part of the completion of the Asmara agreement which Ethiopia and the front reached a common understanding and agreed to work together peacefully to promote and protect the interest of the people of the Somali region and collaborate on national issues including the future of the horn of Africa integration.