President Mustafa Omar returned to Jigjiga on Friday evening together with his cabinet after weeks of disarray between him and the ESPDP chairman Ahmed Shide which led the PM to intervene and mediates both leaders to work together and support his reform agenda.

It was anticipated that the recent meeting with the PM has cemented the good working relationship and Ahmed Shide will accompany the president on his return, nonetheless, only Mustafa and the team that left from Jigjiga few days ago returned back without the party chairman.

President Mustafa and Ahmed Shide have found themselves embroiled in a cold war as internal conflicts rock on how to restructure the ruling party.

Barely six months since Mustafa was selected as the interim president, differences in the governing party centre around suspicion of some Heego members who were collaborating with the party chairman, junior military officers, and some OPDO technocrats who were undermining the President’s absolute reform agenda, war on corruption and his truce with former rebel ONLF and hence attempted to oust him from the power.

Although the two leaders have not been in a direct public confrontation, some words have slipped out to some media that illustrate the underlying tension between the two leaders who have always made a great show of putting their bromance on public display.

President Mustafa is clearly unhappy that his quest to craft a legacy and true reform in Somali region is being undermined by the former remnant of Abdi Iley who are getting support from the central government.