If Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed’s conflict resolution skills work, the the political standoff between president Mustafa Omer and Ahmed Shide may be coming to an speedy end, superficially though.

Given their diverging political views and the moral and value superiority difference between the two opposing men the gap seems irreconcilable.

In this meeting, someone might have been warned that they made a catastrophic political miscalculation and rebuked… Or someone might have realized they have made a catastrophic political mistake at their own peril.

Having a diametrically opposing political views and disagreeing with others requires a level of intelligence to understand how those we disagree or don’t like contribute to our own intellectual growth and development.

Yet, HEEGO criminals and its sponsors don’t understand how to balance tricky political equations. Intellectual curiosity and independent thinking is a threat to their puppet survival and existence.

The fact that ESPDP couldn’t put its house in order is a fatal error and a PR disaster for a ruling party.

It has failed to extinguish the fire and conflict consuming among the rank and file of the party with all its enormous human and financial institutions.

How sustainable is for ESPDP to seek solutions for its political diseases from the PM’s office every time its top leaders clash?

This time they have to be grateful to PM’s intervention. However, I doubt whether the PM will entertain another political folly from ESPDP’s leadership.

They have embarrassingly scored their own goals.

For now, ESPDP has to lick its wounds in silence and hope the self-inflicted wounds do not develop further into a serious political infection.

Ultimately, majority of the people in Somali region believe President Mustafe has been magnanimous and restrained against his political opponents so far.

It appears the president had to swallow his personal pride for the interest of his people and had to fly to Adds to strike a deal with Shide.

Let’s hope this chapter is now closed and the task of serving the undeserved Somali people resumes with new energy, focus and momentum

The disagreement should never have reached Addis Ababa level.


Kassim Haji Hussein