By: Kassim Haji Hussein

Hyenas are known for their ruthless hunting and killing skills. Efficient and deadly hunters they are.

They chase their victim in a long endurance marathon till the prey collapses of exhaustion. Hyenas show no mercy and eat their unlucky victim alive.

While their victim is overwhelmed by the pain of being eaten alive, the hyenas indulge in laughter and make their notorious psychotic shriek that drives you nuts.

What’s the analogy here?

Somali region’s tribal politics is like a factory that produces ruthless hyenas that crowned and rewarded with regional bureau head positions.

Like the hyenas, some of these monster bureau heads eat, steal and embezzle public funds. They are as merciless and callous as their hyena friends. The only difference is hyenas have four legs.

President Mustafa MUST show no mercy to this kind of killers. He should put in place a vetting process and force bureau heads to declare their wealth before being nominated into the office to protect the dwindling public funds that looted day in and day out.

Bureau heads who have already held positions in previous governments and stole millions boast huge buildings and luxury cars acquired through graft and corruption are again nominated for key bureau heads. This is disgraceful.

These corrupt hyenas deserve to be in prison. It’s an insult to millions of Somalis to see the guys who have enriched themselves returning back as regional bureau heads.

And they are coming back with a vicious appetite to loot more.

These corrupt thugs know themselves and deserve no respect.

Ironically, looting and openly stealing public funds has become acceptable behavior in Somali region for so long. This has to change if the region’s tarnished image is to improve.

Corruption is deeply entrenched in the social fabric and is responsible for all the misery and poverty we see in the region.

President Mustafe must ensure this culture of stealing from the public is punished with long jail terms. It has become an endemic disease and must be eradicated or at least severely punished.

Otherwise the hyenas will continue to laugh and loot as mothers and children and the poor pay the price.

We also admire and acknowledge those dedicated bureau heads who serve their people with utmost honesty and integrity. Your conscious effort to clamp down corruption in your offices is saving lives.

Let the hyenas chew the stolen bones; soon they will end up in prison where bones are in scarcity.

Kassim Haji Hussein is humanitarian and independent analyst and can be reached through his email