We’ve received worrisome information which indicates excessive interference, by the federal gov’t, in the ongoing selection process of the executive committee of ruling Ethiopian Somali People’s Democratic Party (ESPDP). Apparently, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his ODP party are attempting to include into the ESPDP leadership – at behest of Abdi Iley’s former Heego group.

The ODP led federal government’s logic is simple yet selfish: they think they can control Somali region through these corrupt criminals, who can never say NO to their diktats.

The Somali region is the most stable region of the entire Ethiopia. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed acknowledged this recently. This stability didn’t come on its own; it was because of the popular legitimacy and wise leadership of President Mustafa Omer and his vice president Aden Farah. The two have steered the region in the right direction in a short period.

To disrupt all of these efforts by recycling Abdi Iley’s henchmen will turn the clock back and risks returning the region to instability.

Citizens of Somali region will never accept to be ruled by imposed lackeys. They want to elect their leaders, at the very least, to select their leaders through their own internal party process. No one interfered with ODP’s internal selection process; why would ESPDP be different?

Finally, it’s in the interest of the Federal Gov’t to have in Somali region a legitimate leadership that represents the popular will of the Somali public. It’s through such leadership that can resolve disputes with Oromia and strengthen the shaky relationship between Oromia and Somali region. Puppets have no mandate to exercise legitimacy.

The federal gov’t must learn from its terrible 27 years history of imposing puppets on Somali region! Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is sign of insanity!

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