At the height of Oromo & Amhara uprising last year, the TPLF operatives who were then desperate for alliance developed a putative map that included Somali Region, Afar State & Tigray. The Somali Region was then ruled by contrabandist generals and their man Abdi Iley, and Afar state was a bastion of TPLF power projection. 

What the developers of the political map wanted to create was an unholy alliance that encircled Amhara & Oromo regions, the heart of the uprisings. 

Since power was slipping out of their hands, they wanted alibis to help them dismantle the federation. However, that treacherous plan failed when the federal government intervened and removed Abdi Iley from power. And the influence of contrabandists on Afar state was somewhat tamed but not totally eliminated. 

Today, Somali Region is out of their iron grip. The conflict they orchestrated between Somalis & Oromos is finally coming to an end. And the encirclement project is dead. Their last attempt now is to instigate proxy war between the two brotherly regions of Afar and Somali Region. This too will fail.

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